HID Global® EikonTouch® Capacitive Fingerprint Readers

Written by Glyn High Tech

April 26, 2021

HID Global’s EikonTouch 510 and EikonTouch 710 capacitive fingerprint readers have a new design, enhanced usability, and a re-branded name –- EikonTouch TC510 and EikonTouch TC710. The new design offers LED feedback above the fingerprint sensor for intuitive fingerprint enrollment. Please note: no changes were made to the electronics or capacitive substrate, where the finger is placed. The change made is to the exterior housing.

    The benefits of the EikonTouch TCX10 series fingerprint readers include:

    • Same exterior housing as the HID DigitalPersona 4500 reader
    • Same chipset as the EikonTouch 510 and EikonTouch 710 readers
    • Improved ergonomics

    Key dates for the EikonTouch 510 and EikonTouch 710 reader:

    • Place product order by: July 31st , 2021
    • Last ship date: December 30th, 2021
    • End of sustaining engineering: *December 30, 2022

    Interested? Email us at sales@glyn.com.au

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