Glyn can assist with every part of your power supply design. From full turnkey, through to power module and also providing design assistance for your own ground up design.

Whether it be mains, battery, solar we can offer a wide portfolio of high quality and world leading power solutions.

- Chassis Mount
- Custom Solutions
- Din Rail
- External Desktop
- External Wall Mount
- Medical
- PCB Mount
- Power Conversion ICs
- Rack Mount/Hot Swap
- Chassis Mount
- Din Rail
- Isolated PCB Mount
- Medical
- POL Non Isolated
- Power Conversion ICsMonolithic Power
- Power Supply Module ICMonolithic Power
- Railway
- Bench Mount
- Chassis Mount
- Rack Mount
- Diode Modules
- High Voltage IGBT/IPM
- IGBT Module Gate Drivers
- IGBT Modules
- POEMonolithic Power
- Power MOSFET Modules
- SiC Gate Drivers
- SiC IGBT Modules
- Step DownMonolithic Power
- Step UpMonolithic Power
- USBMonolithic Power
DC-DC Power Modules
Current Sensors
Linear Power Transformers
Noise Filters

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Modular Solutions

At Glyn, we are all about enabling customers to get their products to market as quickly as possible at the lowest total cost of ownership. Modular solutions provide the building blocks to be able to add standard functionality to designs and lower the...

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Rechargeable Batteries

We have been working on a variety of projects with our customers in Australia and New Zealand that require small volume batteries with high power capacities. This has led many customers to considering rechargeable batteries such as Li-Ion, Li-PO, Li- FePO4...

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