Glyn has a wide range of Primary and Secondary Batteries through our partners.

We have the expertise to provide custom cells, sizes, configurations, with PCM, and specific connectors and cables to meet almost any application.

With the extensive restrictions and high costs on battery transportation please ask us about batteries that have existing certifications to minimise compliance costs.

Lithium Ion- General Type
Lithium Ion - High Rate
Lithium Ion - Cylindrical
Lithium Ion - High Power Cylindrical
Lithium Polymer - High Voltage
Lithium Polymer - High Rate
Lithium Polymer - High Power
Lithium Polymer - General Type
LiFePO4 Battery -  High Temperature
LiFePO4 Battery -  High Rate Type
LiFePO4 Battery -  General Type
LiFePO4 Battery -  High Power Type
Battery Management ICs

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